For a Parlay bet to win, all outcomes within the Parlay must be selected correctly. The odds for each pick are multiplied by one another to determine the odds for the Parlay. For example, New England at -190 odds, parlayed with New York at +145 odds, would result in +275 odds. ‘Grand Salami’ is where it is possible to bet on the total number of listed occurrences, such as total run or total goals,happening in a collection of events on a specified day.

  • System of ratings based on historical data which is used by bettors for predictive purposes.
  • A form of betting where the odds for a game are updated as things play out on the field.
  • In this way, no matter what the outcome of an event, the betting exchange always turns a profit .

This was very much adopted by rails bookmaker Barry Dennis for a While when he would be asked for ‘Barry’s Bismark’ Weekly on televised horse informative post racing. Starting Price – the price of a horse when the race starts broadly based on an average of the on course bookmakers odds for the horse. A reduction in odds on bets placed before a certain time due to a fancied runner being withdrawn. The more fancied the runner, the bigger the rule 4 deduction. The reason that the odds are then deducted is due to the fact that the race should then be easier for the other horses to win.

First Half Bet The bet includes 28 doubles, 56 trebles, 70 four-folds, 56 five-folds, 28 six-folds, 8 seven-folds and an accumulator. A bet placed on the team or player that you believe will win, regardless of any points spread, and usually placed at the Money Line. A team or person that is long odds to win in the eyes of the sportsbook odds makers. This is the person who decides what the original betting lines are and when/if they should be moved, based on money coming for either side. The total amount of money bet on a specific event or outcome. Sportsbooks can allow players to alter the set points line and will adjust the odds accordingly.

Betting Line

Early Price – Odds offered in advance, in horse racing this will be prices offered before those at the race course. Buy Price – The price at which you buy your bet from an index bookmaker in spread betting. Banker – A bet or selection that is felt to be extremely likely to win. Often used to boost the value of multiple bets or combination bets.

In regards to this one of the betting terms explained, these days most of the internet bookmakers provide live betting, meaning that you can wager on the ongoing game you choose. Understandably, there is a fluctuation of the odds all the time during the sporting event. A banker as a term has similar connotations to NAP, in that it is the most confident selection in a collection of bets.

Treble Bets

A period of celebration when the volume of offers available makes value betting and advantage play ever more profitable. Winning more money than the house has available to pay you. Plausible in Bricks and Mortar casinos, not so much online. Organisations that allow customers to bet and take bets against each other such as Betfair, BetDaq and Smarkets. In ahalf handicap, a half goal or point is applied as handicap.

Here’s A Glossary Of Betting Terms For First

Mostly commonly, but not exclusively, used in horse and greyhound racing. Distance – This has two main meanings 1 – The distance of a race, in UK horse racing this will be between 5 furlongs and 4 1/2 miles. In F1 this may be length of a lap, etc. 2 – The distance that a contestant or horse wins a race by, e.g. ‘by a distance’ would mean a win by many lengths. Ante-Post – Odds and prices are given on an event in advance of the commencement, usually months and weeks but at least 24 hours in advance. Odds are usually higher to take account of the increased risk that a selection may fail to actually take part in an event. In the case of a void bet, your selection is effectively cancelled.