For one, the vig on spread betting will generally be among the lowest of any markets offered. This means the sportsbook keeps less of the money they accept , which means more goes back to the bettors. Analyzing Thursday’s Stony Brook at Kansas odds and lines, with college basketball expert picks, predictions and best bets. The mathematical analysis of spreads and spread betting is a large and growing subject.

A Stock Market Trade Versus A Spread Bet

The total is popular because it allows gamblers to bet on their overall perception of the game (e.g., a high-scoring offensive show or a defensive battle) without needing to pick the actual winner. Spread betting, also known as points spread betting, is a type of bet where the bettor wagers on the points difference between two teams rather than a win or loss, . The predicted points difference is calculated by the sportsbook, and bettors must wager on whether the difference will be greater or less than the number offered.

Can I Use A Point Spread Bet In A Parlay?

Betting with the spread means taking the points and betting on the underdog . The underdog’s point spread will be listed as a positive number (+7). This means that seven points are added to the underdog’s final score.

Betting On The Spread

Spread bets always have a plus (+) or minus (-) sign preceding each of the two numbers in the box, and total bets always include an O (for “over”) or a U (“under”). The temptation and perils of being overleveraged continue to be a major pitfall in spread betting. However, the low capital outlay necessary, risk management tools available, and tax benefits make spread betting a compelling opportunity for speculators. Let’s use a practical example to illustrate the pros and cons of this derivative market and the mechanics of placing a bet. First, we’ll take an example in the stock market, and then we’ll look at an equivalent spread bet.

A push means that if the favorite is favored by 10 points and wins by 10 points, bettors get their money back. Just like when betting on the over/under total for points, the spread is a half-point in addition to the whole number, there is no chance to push. Beginning with live betting, point spreads are routinely adjusted predicated on the flow of the game, meaning how the favorite and underdog are performing.

Atlanta has been set as a three- informative post point favorite on the betting line. That means that for Atlanta to cover the spread that has been set, they will need to win by at least four points. And for Carolina to cover the point spread, they can do so with a loss by two points or less, or obviously a win straight up.

Point Spread Betting Odds?

At the same time, the same player’s Batsman Runs spread is 56 – 60. Asian handicaps are used in soccer, which means the chance for a draw is taking out of play. Take an example of Manchester United as the favorites against Liverpool. If you were to bet on Manchester United, they would need to win the game by two goals or more. For Manchester United, you get a better payout if you win since you have a smaller window of victory. For Liverpool, it’s the opposite as you’re getting a bigger safety net (since they can lose by one and you won’t lose your wager if you bet on them).

Here’s a beginner’s guide that will help you make sense of the spread. Like any marketplace, a buyer and seller agree on a price – in this case a line. Understanding the forces affecting line’ movement is essential in determining the true value of any line. Visit to view cutting-edge betting systems and tools.