Facts About Late Actor Buddy Hackett Including Cause of Death

Buddy Hackett was one of those greatest actors, who had contributed more than fifty decades in the entertainment industry, where he will be always remembered for his roles in the films like; The Music Man, The Love Bug, The Little Mermaid and ‘Jack Frost’.

Hackett was born as Leonard Hacker on Aug 31, 1924, in Brooklyn, New York City borough. He was the son of Jewish upholstery Phillip Hackett and Anna Geller. He was a lifelong liberal Democrat.

Here are 10 facts of late actor Buddy Hackett.

Buddy Hackett Death

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The American comedian Buddy Hackett died at the age of 78, with the natural causes at his beach house in Malibu, California on June 30, 2003, two months away from his 79th birthday on August 31. According to his son, the cause of his death was not immediately known, where he had diabetes.

Buddy Hackett died on Jun 30, 2003 in his south California beach house.Image Source: CNN

Net Worth Before Death

Buddy Hackett was very success as a stand-up comedian through out his career, which helped him accumulated the massive net worth of $10 million before he passed away in 2003, where he had contributed over fifty years in the entertainment industry and still be remember for his nasty jokes.

After Buddy Hackett had his footstep toward success, he got married to a beautiful woman Sherry Cohen in 1995. She was such a lucky woman that, Buddy remained one-woman man until he died in 2003.

Sherry Cohen is widely known for her job as a location manager, assistant director and production staff in the entertainment industry.


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The Music Man actor and Sherry Cohen share three children together; two daughters; ‘Ivy Julie Hackett’ and ‘Lisa Jean Hackett’ and a son ‘Sandy Hackett’, who took his father footstep and work as a comedian.

Hackett’s son comment matcher sur loveandseek Sandy is married to film producer Lisa Dawn Miller and had a daughter Ashleigh Hackett.

Walk of Fame

Buddy Hackett was one of the greatest comedian of all time, who was awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on March 31, 1998, for Live Performance at 6834 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California.


Born and raised in Brooklyn, Buddy Hackett attended and graduated from New Utrecht High School in Brooklyn, New York City in 1942.

United States Army

The Love Bug actor served three years in the U.S. Army during World War II as a part of an anti-aircraft unit. In 1945 he returned home on a furlough, where he bought a ticket to see the musical “Oklahoma!”. After that, he decided on a pursuing show business following his discharge.


Buddy Hackett was widely known as a nightclub comedian in Las Vegas, where he found his talent from school days when he used to make his fellow students laugh. He used to work as a ‘tummler’ at the Catskill Mountains in northern New York, where he made his comedy debut at a club called the Pink Elephant in Brooklyn.

The greatest comedian Buddy Hackett live in Atlantic City.Image Source: marshallberle


In 1956, Buddy Hackett was one the main cast of the comedy TV show ‘Stanley’ which was broadcast by the NBC. The show follows the story of an operator Stanley Peck of a newsstand in New York City hotel. He appeared over 18 episodes in the series, where the show only lasted for a season.

Acting Career

Buddy Hackett began his acting career in 1949 with a role in comedy TV series ‘School House’, after that, he appeared in short film King of the Pins’ (1950). Later on, he started to appear in hit movies such as The Music Man (1962), The Love Bug (1968) and Scrooged (1988).

Buddy Hackett as Tennessee Steinmetz in the comedy movie ‘The Love Bug’.Image Source: The Love Bug

Animal Lover

Buddy Hackett was one of those celebrities, who had contributed most of his life for animals when he was out of the spotlight, where he raised the money for animal shelter throughout his career. Even after retirement, he came out for a live performance hosting the 3rd Annual Night of Comedy to benefit ‘Singita Animal Sanctuary’.

Sound Track

Besides acting, Buddy Hackett had also worked in the sound track, where he has performer ‘Shipoopi’ for the comedy movie The Music Man (1962). He is also widely known for his work in ‘The Wedding March’ (1843) and ‘Romeo and Juliet’ for animation The Little Mermaid (1989).

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