Confronting the ‘sweets Daddy’ label: era and money Asymmetries and dangerous Sexual activities in town Kenya


“sweets daddy” interaction, which you’ll find are characterized by large period and financial asymmetries between associates, are considered to be a significant take into account the spread of HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa. Information is demanded about glucose dad partnerships—and about years and economic asymmetries considerably generally—to figure out how usual they truly are and whether they is related to hazardous erotic tendencies.


The taste composed 1,052 males aged 21–45 who have been surveyed in Kisumu, Kenya, in 2001. Information on these as well as their own 1,614 present nonmarital relationships happened to be reviewed to assess the occurrence of sugary foods daddies and sweets father affairs, and even an array of age and financial disparities within nonmarital collaborations. Logistic regression types had been produced to assess interaction between condom use at last intercourse and various procedures of age and financial asymmetry.


The mean get older difference in nonmarital sexual couples was actually 5.5 several years, and 47percent of men’s feminine partners had been teenagers. Fourteen percentage of collaborations engaging an age difference with a minimum of several years, and 23per cent included significantly more than the mean quantity male-to-female content assistance. Guys just who documented more than one cooperation with both these attributes had been thought as sweets daddies and made upward 5percent belonging to the example; glucose dad dating accounted for 4percent of partnerships. Sugar father partnerships in addition to the most extensive young age and economical asymmetries we built were associated with decreased chances of condom usage.


Although glucose father interactions are certainly not as pervading as generally speaking assumed, period and financial asymmetries in nonmarital relationships become reasonably usual. Each one of these different asymmetries tend to be associated with nonuse of condoms. Increasing ladies power within asymmetric erotic interactions could enhance their capability consult less dangerous intimate actions, like condom usage.

Global Family Members Planning Perspectives, 2005, 31(1):6–14

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A great amount of anecdotal information suggests that “sugary foods daddies” are typical in Sub-Saharan Africa and generally are helping power the spread of HIV. The stereotypical glucose daddy was a grown-up men exactly who exchanges large sums of capital or gift ideas for erectile mementos from a far more youthful female. Glucose father interaction are related to both years and economical asymmetries, that thought to maximum women’s capability to consult safer erotic behavior.

The alert over sugars daddies was seemed not just in the African common discussion but additionally by analysts and health care employees. Analysts caution that glucose daddies are seeking away teen couples with raising consistency during the notion why these ladies are extremely unlikely staying contaminated with HIV. 1 overall health companies bring deemed these guy particularly tricky and get committed programmatic means to campaigns that advise young women to “beware of sugary foods daddies.” 2 For The time of HIV/AIDS, sugar father dating have already been made as a fitness issue, frequently tagged “the sugary foods dad complex,” “the sugar dad pitfalls” or “the sugary foods father phenomenon,” which ladies, commonly adolescents, have a good many possibilities. 3

The belief that sweets daddies are wide ranging seems affordable in lot of African contexts, because personal norms typically permit (plus convince) guys to engage in sex beyond union and with young mate. 4 In addition, socioeconomic realities enable boys to monopolize sources of revenue allow elderly guy further public and economic electric power than teenagers. 5 the fact that glucose daddies practise dangerous sexual behavior is reliant on increasing explanation that HIV disease values were top among teen lady than among their men counterparts. Like for example, studies in Kisumu, Kenya (the site of the research), learned that 27percent of women aged 15–19 had been afflicted with HIV, in contrast to 5per cent of males in this age-group. 6 era disparities in sex-related dating being provided as a likely reason for this gap, because charge of HIV disease are frequently improved among grown males than among male adolescents. 7 Although big young age and economical asymmetries between erectile mate exists throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, they boost the a large number of alarm whenever joined in sweets dad interaction.

Despite these ostensibly reasonable presumptions about sugar daddies, there’s no scientific explanation that they’re common or which they commonly practice unsafe intimate activities. Are actually sugar daddies less likely to use condoms than many other boys? Do they apply high-risk habits in every his or her relations, contains those without period and financial asymmetries? Also, very little is well known towards backlink between escort sites Cambridge non-safe sex and independent pieces of sugary foods dad relations: young age and economical asymmetries. 8 Our study utilizes reports on male nonmarital sex-related tendencies in Kisumu to look into certain popular presumptions neighboring sugar daddies and their erectile relations. The frequency of HIV hit 26percent in Kisumu in 1997, 9 which suggests that unsafe erotic actions are popular; consequently, this town produces an entertaining context in which to review years and monetary asymmetries between nonmarital lovers.