Check out ourFTN Power Rankings to see where all these teams are after five games. The Broncos, Cowboys, Texans, Panthers and Raiders are the lone 2-0 ATS teams. All are solid favorites for Week 3 except Houston, which is +8 tonight at home vs. Carolina. It’s the Panthers’ first road game – they are the NFL’s lone 2-0 ATS home club.

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]Patterson is a game-time decision, and even if he can go, how healthy will he be? The Patriots are going to make literally anyone other than Pitts beat them. It’s hard to see Atlanta doing much to contribute to that total. On the other side, the Patriots certainly come in with a better offensive arsenal, but they The Math Behind Betting Odds & Gambling have struggled to move the ball at times, as recently as their Weeks 8 and 9 wins over Los Angeles and Carolina. It’s also a short week, so maybe the gameplan isn’t as advanced with a lot of clock-killing running calls. Put another way, saying it goes over 47 basically is saying there will be seven touchdowns, which is hard to see with these two teams.

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The Packers are 3-2 against the spread when favored by at least three points. Ten teams have gone under in both contests, leaving 14 teams at the 1-1 mark. It is still a little too early with only a two-game sample size to really say any of this is a definitive trend, but it is worth knowing which teams are and aren’t putting up points. If you want to see the entire list, check out the against the spread and vs. the total report on FTNBets.

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Every NFL team will play 16 regular season games and the Streak feature tells you how hot or cold a team is and is measured by Wins and Losses . If a team wins three straight games, the Streak would read W-3. And if a team is slumping, losers in six straight, then you’ll see a L-6 in their streak column. Why have the 76ers lost 15 straight regular season games at Toronto?

After all, if the public’s NFL bets were always spot on, then sportsbooks would take a beating week after week. That doesn’t happen too much, so keep it in mind when you consider following the money. Team A has had an entire offseason to adapt and evolve, not to mention stew over the fact that their division rival made them look silly twice the previous season. When the betting lines were initially released, the Kansas City Chiefs were installed as 3.5-point favorites over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. After the market had its say, the line dropped slightly to 3-points for the Chiefs at kickoff.

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The longest soccer losing streak is held by Antigua Barracuda FC, who lost all 26 of their league games during the 2013 season. Both Teams to Score streaks refer to a team that has consistently been involved in games in which each side has scored. If you feel that a losing streak is going to affect how you operate and potentially lead to poor decisions, then taking a break will help clear your mind and recharge your batteries. It’s almost impossible to make consistent profit based on ill-researched bets and a stressed mind. If one manager has consistently outfoxed the other in their previous meetings, you might fancy them to do it once again.

How do all small NBA road underdogs of three points or less fare? What about double-digit home favorites when playing divisional foes? In these scenarios, bettors are less focused on the teams than the situation.